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How to stop abandonment of children born from illicit relationships?

After an illicit affair, small clinics often take responsibility for abortions or infanticide. (Photo: Indian Express)

The body of another newborn baby was found in a trash bin near Rangiwara Jama Masjid, the situation in the Lyari area of Karachi, which is not a unique event in Karachi.

It is with deep sorrow, grief, and hopelessness that the bodies of newborns have been found in many parts of Karachi.

Crime of newborns

Earlier in Karachi, an unmarried mother threw her newborn baby from a building in the Manzoor Colony area and a few days ago a newborn baby was thrown from a moving ambulance in the Saddar area. Such incidents are becoming a disgrace on the face of society.

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Where do these children come from?

After having illicit sexual relations, most couples often give up their newborns for adoption and some of them kill their babies and throw them in the trash.

Clinics built in areas

In any major hospital, the paperwork is completed before delivery and then the birth process begins, however, the small clinics set up in the area for children coming into the world under illicit relations take such cases lightly and also take the responsibility of killing the child after delivery in return for the demanded money which makes them feel good. 

Role of the police

These small hospitals have a huge role to play in running illegal hospitals, abortions, and killing of children, and in such cases, the area has the full patronage of the police. It is possible to reach those responsible by investigating its small maternity homes.

Killing of children

Swings have been set up at various places by the welfare agencies in Karachi and messages have been given to sponsor such organizations instead of killing the children but the increase in the number of incidents of killing children and throwing in the garbage is alarming. 

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