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How to protect your Rights? Some right methods

How to protect your Rights? Some right methods
We always highlight the lack of rights in our country. But practically, how many people know and fight for their basic rights.
Eventually, we all depend on human rights activists or NGOs and when a blatant violation of rights comes to light, we all blame the activists for failing to protect everybody’s rights.
A heated debate about the Aurat March is currently being waged on social media, which doesn’t have any clue, nor does anyone know what the outcome will be.
Over the past two years, the Aurat March has turned into a prominent movement against the patriarchal structures of the Pakistani society.
The debate over the Aurat march came to a standstill when heated argument between Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and Marvi Sarmad emerged. However, when analyzing this entire situation, we find that people, especially women, do not know how to fight for their rights.
Let us tell you how to fight for your rights, including basic human rights if you can’t get any of these.
Know Your Rights
Every single person has equal rights and dignity. Without any kind of discrimination, everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security.
First of all, it is important that you should know your rights. Basic human rights include rights ranging from free expression to protection of life and property, as promised by the United Nations’ Charter of Human Rights.
When an individual does not receive any of his rights, a certain state of mind develops which is known as sensory deprivation.
Another way of recognizing your rights is to find out that is there anything going wrong with you? If you are beaten, not allowed to speak or disrespected, then right of protection, right of expression and right of self-respect are being violated.
The list of rights is very long, so their methods of identification are also different. The simplest way is that where there is oppression and abuse of power, there is a violation of rights.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is internationally recognized, through which we can recognize our rights and raise our voice to achieve them.
Millions of people died during World War II (1939 to 1945), after which the pioneers of humanity sat together and started work on the protection of human rights.
On December 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted a resolution in Paris that has been translated into dozens of languages worldwide.
The resolution is called the Universal Declarations of Human Rights, which guarantees the protection of economic rights, social rights, cultural rights, free expression, and other basic human rights.
Steps for protecting your Rights
Once you know which of your rights are being affected and who is responsible for them so to protect these rights there are many different ways.
Step 1: The first step to protecting the right is to contact the persons affecting the rights. Negotiate with them. Let them know what your rights are affected by which of their actions.
Step 2: Be civilized. We should give respect to the opinion of our opposition also and should not start abusing or cursing.
Step 3: War should be done where necessary. Living without protecting your rights means living a purposeless life. So if fighting for the protection of rights is necessary then a peaceful religion like Islam has given you the right to do so.
Step 4: Respect the rights of others. The last principle to protect your rights is to respect the rights of others. If you are powerful today and violating the rights of others, then leave this attitude because time is not always the same.
When you are aware of your rights and know how to protect it, then instead of blaming the state, you can make a better relationship.
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