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Here’re four WHO recommended tips to prevent obesity


Healthy eating and healthy living go hand in hand, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

World Health Organization (WHO) in this regard shared thread tips and tricks to prevent obesity and diabetes. Here are four nutrition tips recommended by WHO:

Reduce Sodium and Sugar

Source: TIME for Kids

According to the WHO, limiting salt and sugar intake can help reduce the risk of weight gain, diabetes, and many other non-communicable diseases. See the tweet below.

Limit fat intake

Source: Pak Ladies

The organization further states that it is very important to limit or reduce intake of saturated and trans fats. 

Balanced diet

Source: Women Fitness

It’s the key to a healthy life. A diet rich in healthy carbohydrates, fats, fiber, protein, essential minerals and vitamins will help maintain immunity and nourish you from the inside out.

Watch what you drink

Source: Lark

Hydration is very important. Also, we need to check what we drink. Water and fresh juices are good for your health, but sugary drinks, alcohol, and excess caffeine are bad for your body. 

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