Global coronavirus cases exceed 63 million

WASHINGTON: The coronavirus has infected more than 63,072,475 million people worldwide and killed 1,465,181 people.

A total of 43,545,829 coronavirus patients have been cured in the world and more than 1860,000 are undergoing treatment. The situation in coronavirus is the worst in the United States, with 273,072 deaths and more than 13,750,000 reported cases.

India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases, with 1,37,177 deaths and more than 9,432,000 people diagnosed with the virus. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil is 172,848 and more than 6,314,000 people are affected.

In Russia, more than 2.269 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and the total number of deaths is 39,527. In France, more than 2.18 million people were affected and 52,325 lost their lives.

More than 1,646,000 people have been affected in Spain, while 44,668 have died. There have been 1.617 million coronavirus cases and 58,245 deaths reported in the UK.

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Moreover, Russia has launched a campaign to vaccinate its troops against the coronavirus, a global pandemic. Russian media was quoted saying that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had announced that about half a million troops would be vaccinated against coronavirus on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s defense minister said more than 2,500 soldiers have been vaccinated so far, according to the International News Agency. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu expressed hope that by the end of 2020, about 80,000 troops will have been vaccinated, according to the International News Agency.

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