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Food smuggling

Just a few days after admitting the government’s negligence over failure to control prices, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered a countrywide crackdown against food smuggling. Even intelligence agencies including the ISI and Intelligence Bureau have been asked to submit regular monitoring reports showing the seriousness of the government.
The prime minister has directed the interior ministry, law-enforcement agencies, and provincial governments to take immediate action against smuggling. The government is taking decisive measures to prevent food smuggling as it triggers an increase in prices and the common man suffers. Smuggling also causes a loss of billions to the national economy and the prevention of smuggling is now treated as a matter of national interest.
The government has been unable to take action against those creating an artificial crisis to increase prices. A crackdown was ordered against hoarders and profiteers but the influential ones continue to evade the law. The prime minister has vowed that those responsible for the wheat and sugar crisis even if they are closely linked to him will be held accountable. It seems that even the government appears helpless when it comes to dealing with those making windfall gains over price rises.
The menace of smuggling continues to affect the economy. The government is considering setting up markets at border areas, but security agencies should be held answerable over failure to stop the movement along the porous border regions. There should be action against the sale of Iranian petroleum openly sold in parts of Balochistan, and the smuggling of wheat flour to Afghanistan. There can be no negligence and even modern technology must be used in anti-smuggling efforts.
With general inflation reaching over 13.07 percent and food inflation at 22 percent, it is increasingly difficult for the common man to meet ends meet. The prices of basic necessities and medicines have been reached new heights. The prime minister realises the difficulties being faced by the people and is making efforts to ensure prices are available at affordable prices. If these steps show desired results along with a reduction in gas and electricity tariffs, then it will have a profound effect.
Recently the government has announced a subsidy at utility stores to provide some relief but the measures are insufficient. Hoarders and smugglers take advantage of the situation and often create shortages for their insatiable greed. They deserve exemplary punishment to ensure that food prices are maintained at a reasonable level.
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