Focus on the real issues instead of my body: Amna Ilyas 

KARACHI: Actress Amna Ilyas has rejected public criticism after bold pictures came to light and said that people should focus on real issues instead of her body.

Amna Ilyas recently shared her latest photoshoot on Instagram in which she is seen wearing bold attires. However, she was severely criticized by social media users and advised not to share more such photos.

Ilyas shared another photo in the same outfit in response to criticism, in which she wrote that she was tired of wondering why her body is the only topic in the comments. She shared a story on Instagram in which she further responded to the critics by saying that there are disasters in the world, poverty, child sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence. Why not talk about violence, war, and so many other issues?

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Ilyas also said that it is surprising that despite all these problems, her physical features are at the top of the list of problems. “So I would like to tell the public to focus on the real issues instead of my body,” she wrote.