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Five missiles hit US Embassy in Baghdad

Five missiles hit at US Embassy in Baghdad
BAGHDAD: Five rocket hits late Sunday near the US Embassy in the heavily fortified enclave in Baghdad’s Green Zone after the escalating Middle East conflict.
The attack has been a dangerous escalation in the recent month of rocket attacks aimed at the Embassy or Iraqi military bases for deploying US troops. None of the missile strikes were claimed, but Washington has repeatedly blamed military groups supported by Iran in Iraq.

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However, an Iraqi security forces statement earlier in the night said there had been no casualties. The US embassy didn’t respond instantly to the request for comment.
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi and Speaker of the Parliamentary Mohammed Halbusi both condemned the occurrence and said that they were in danger of dragging their country into battle. In the last month, Iraq has already been trapped in a troubling twist for the US and Iran conflicts.

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US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on 9 January that after the January 3 drone strike that killed Soleimani, Washington had restored some deterrence against Iran.
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