Russia fires hypersonic missiles in Ukraine

MOSCOW: Russia said on Sunday it has again fired its newest Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, destroying a fuel storage site in the country’s south. The Russian defence ministry also said it killed more than 100 members of Ukrainian special

North Korea launches suspected ballistic missiles

SEOUL: North Korea fired two suspected ballistic missiles into the sea, in what would be its first substantive provocation to the new US administration of Joe Biden. The nuclear-armed country has a long history of using weapons tests as provocations,

North Korea fires two short-range missiles, US still open to dialogue

WASHINGTON: North Korea fired two short-range missiles at the weekend but Washington played down the first such tests under President Joe Biden and said it was still open to dialogue with Pyongyang. The North Korean activity involved weapons systems at

Five missiles hit US Embassy in Baghdad

BAGHDAD: Five rocket hits late Sunday near the US Embassy in the heavily fortified enclave in Baghdad’s Green Zone after the escalating Middle East conflict. The attack has been a dangerous escalation in the recent month of rocket attacks aimed

India diverting attention

Pakistan has raised apprehensions that India has deployed missiles in held Kashmir. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has written a letter to the UN that India is planning to launch an attack on Pakistan to divert the word’s attention from