Female student alleges receiving rape, death threats

LAHORE: A female student has alleged that she has been receiving rape and murder threats and has exposed the man behind it on social media.

A boy named Ibsham Zahid, who is a former student of BBTC in Lahore has been threatening a girl named Fatima. According to a post shared on social media, Ibsham Zahid had previously made an attempt to kidnap her along with his friends and continues to harass her.

The victim has claimed on social media that the accused, has no remorse or fear of law and is confident that he can get away with anything. In one of the videos posted on Twitter, Ibsham can be seen as threatening and intimidating the victim. 

In a recent update, the boy is planning on running away to Dubai due to all the social media pressure created upon him.

People on social media are asking for justice for Fatima and demand to arrest the accused on basis of harassment: 

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