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FBR recommends alteration in income tax rules  

FBR created Anti Benami Zones across Pakistan in 2019. Source: FILE/Online

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has further proposed amendments in the alternate dispute resolution rules.

According to the proposed amendments, any person or class of persons interested in a resolution of any dispute will have to submit a written application for alternative dispute resolution to FBR.

After examining the content, the application will be referred to a committee for resolution. The committee, which will be headed by the concerned chief commissioner, will have to decide the case with consensus within 120 days.

The decision of the committee will be binding on the commissioner when the applicant has withdrawn the appeal pending before the court of law or any appellate authority.

The decision of the committee will not be binding on the commissioner if the order of withdrawal is not communicated to the commissioner within 60 days of the service of the decision of the committee upon the applicant.

The FBR proposed detailed rules for the functioning of the committee and resolve the dispute at the earliest.

Meanwhile,  FBR said,” Submit your income tax return before the deadline of December 8, 2020. Income tax returns can be easily filed through the Iris Portal and Tax Easy app,” it added.