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Fayyaz Chohan mocked for cutting ribbon with his teeth

Chohan was inaugurating an electronics shop in Rawalpindi. Source: Twitter

RAWALPINDI: Punjab government spokesperson Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan was mocked on social media after cutting the ribbon with his teeth during the inauguration ceremony of a shop.

Punjab’s Minister for Jails Fayyaz Chohan reached to inaugurate an electronics shop in Rawalpindi. In a video making rounds on social media, it can be seen that Chohan is trying to cut the ribbon with blunt scissors.

After several failed attempts, the minister used his teeth to cut the ribbon. The netizens have mocked the unique style of the minister to inaugurate a shop in his constituency. Many asked if there was a shortage of scissors in the country, while others said it was the result of having stronger teeth. 

Finding himself getting trolled, Chohan also put up a video with a caption in Urdu, saying: “Unique style of opening a shop in your constituency … !!! The scissors were blunt and bad. The owner set a new world record to save the shop from embarrassment!”

Chohan, who hails from Faisalabad, has been elected a member of the provincial assembly from Rawalpindi on a PTI ticket.