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Farzana Shar – a true embodiment of women empowerment in Sindh

A brave young girl, Faraza Shar, has become an embodiment of women empowerment after she also took responsibilities while riding a motorcycle in rural Sindh.

15-year-old Farzana Shar hails from Ibrahim Shar village in Daharki Tesil, Ghotki in Upper Sindh. A picture went viral on social media showing her riding a motorcycle as she carries her elderly father.

Farzana has also taken responsibilities for the household chores, farming, livestock rearing, and also takes care of her younger siblings.

She hails from a conservative area known for tribal feuds and conflicts but she left the archaic traditions and decided to shoulder responsibilities for her family. Farzana brings fodder for cattle on a motorbike and sometimes takes her father around in the village.

At a young age, Farzana started taking care of household chores and farming as well as livestock and even her younger siblings. She also works with her father to help him.

She says that there is no school or hospital in her village. She wished there was a school so she could get an education.


After his pictures went viral, Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab gifted a brand new motorcycle for Farzana. The new 70cc motorcycle was sent on the directives and paid by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

She had earlier said her motorcycle was old and would develop mechanical fault frequently. This was causing immense trouble for her in helping her family. She expressed a desire to receive a new motorcycle. She revealed that she learned to drive from her father but he cannot drive anymore due to old age.



Farzana has been praised on social media as a true embodiment of women’s empowerment in a patriarchal system with social inequalities and gender imbalances. 

All stakeholders of society were under obligation to struggle for equality of women who continue to face widespread discrimination.

The enlightened and progressive class should realise that without ensuring empowerment to women and guarantees their due rights, society could develop or become democratic.