Ex-MQM leader Nadeem Nusrat survives attack in Houston

The police reached the site immediately and cordoned it off.

LONDON: Voice of Karachi Chairperson and former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Nadeem Nusrat survived a shooting attack in Houston, United States on Monday morning.

Taking to Twitter, the general secretary of the Voice of Karachi group, Imran Hussain, said, “I can confirm that multiple shots were fired at Voice of Karachi and SAMAF chairman Nadeem Nusrat’s vehicle this afternoon in Houston, Texas.”

Former MQM senior leader Wasay Jalil also confirmed the attack on Nadeem Nusrat, saying that a police complaint has been registered.

A Voice of Karachi spokesman said that Nadeem Nusrat was going home along with Central Information Secretary Shahid Farhad after speaking at an event when shots were fired at his car. The police reached the site immediately and cordoned it off. The Voice of Karachi has not yet named anyone.

Nadeem Nusrat was once a hardcore supporter of Altaf Hussain and remained loyal to him for over two decades. He was sacked from the party position several times and remained inactive for years.

He was activated against by the MQM leader and called over to London a few years ago where remained in charge of the party and ran affairs of Karachi from London, supporting Altaf Hussain.

Around three years ago, he parted ways with the MQM leader and left for Houston with Wasay Jalil where he set up his own group. In the middle of 2019, the head of MQM’s Maryland chapter Qaiser Ali was imprisoned for threatening to kill Nadeem Nusrat, his wife, and Wasay Jalil.

Qaisar Ali pleaded guilty before Virginia’s Fairfax County Court into the charge of threatening to slaughter Nadeem Nusrat, his wife, and MQM’s former central coordination committee member Wasay Jalil in a threatening tweet.