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EU bans PIA flights

The national carrier has been already from operating all flights to the Europe and UK for six months over flight safety standards. This marks a new low for an airline already suffering from a financial crisis who reputation is at an all-time low since the air crash in Karachi.
The EU air safety agency has banned PIA after it emerged that several pilots had dubious licences over underwent exams. The agency referred to aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar’s speech in parliament during which he made the startling revelation that one-third of pilots continued to fly planes on fake licences. 
Many countries have started taking reciprocal steps. The UAE has asked to verify pilots’ licenses and all countries where Pakistani pilots or engineers are working in the airline industry are taking similar measures. This may be affecting the reputation of Pakistani pilots but safety regulations cannot be compromised nor lives be put at risk.
The opposition has slammed the government for handling the crisis and have claimed that the aviation minister’s speech tarnished the image of the country. Others have called it a conspiracy to further lower the value of the airline and pave way for its privitisation. The federal cabinet has already discussed sell offing PIA most prized asset, Rossevelt Hotel in New York, as real estate prices there have plunged.
The government claims that PIA has suffered years of neglect and they are bringing reforms. PM Imran Khan said an organisation which has eleven new chiefs in the past ten years cannot function properly and they need to end political interface. The national carrier can reform has no political control and efforts should be made to make it an independent organisation.
The criticism of the aviation minister’s speech is also unfounded as reciprocal steps are imperative. Although the pilots claim having genuine licenses, this issue must be investigated thoroughly and cannot be brushed aside. There should be a detailed and impartial inquiry as this is a scandal of epic proportions.
This matters to the people of the country who have travelled on a plane or those who dropped their loved one at the airport. We need to rectify our chequered flight safety record and make huge strides to improve our global reputation.
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