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Endorsing domestic abuse

Actor-cum-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider seems to making a comeback into the world of entertainment despite the controversy over domestic abuse against his former wife. He is all set to release a new single on the music-streaming site Patari. The decision to market a man accused of domestic abuse is a regressive step in a country where women faces extreme forms of violence.
Earlier this year, a court found Abbas guilty of threatening his ex-wife Fatema Sohail, who accused him of domestic violence and assault. Fatima even provided proof of her physical abuse and accused her husband of cheating with another actress. The couple eventually filed for divorce ending the ordeal for his wife.
Abbas’ response to the allegations further fueled his angry fans.  The actor dismissed Fatima’s claims accusing her of playing the ‘women card’ and justified the serious abuse charges as ‘rage issues’. He expressed anger that people were judging him and sending hate messages. The outrageous and unforgettable statement said: ‘not every crying woman is telling them truth.’  Thus the actor was shunned, fired from his TV show and refused any major offers till Patari came to his rescue. 
Patari is a Lahore-based music platform with its own share of controversies. The company almost came crashing down amid cases pertaining to sexual harassment. The company’s CEO was accused of sexual misconduct by two female employees. He was forced to resign but has since returned to the company. Patari was earlier forced to adhere to singer Ali Zafar’s demand to manipulate the ranking of Farish Shafi’s song amidst a legal battle with his sister Mesha Shafi who accused Zafar of sexual harassment. 
Signing on Mohsin Abbas Haider, Patari will once again push a man accused domestic abuse into a positive limelight. Abbas has shared the first look picture on his social media account along with number of videos of celebrating endorsing his upcoming song. It is shocking that Abbas has been receiving shoutouts from renowned celebrities including actor Nauman Ejaz, singers Faakhir, Abrar-ul-Haq, Amant Ali, and a host of actors from the entertainment industry.
Patari’s new move has irked many music lovers.  Many have uninstalled the app to express their outrage at promoting a misogynist. We are living at a time when domestic cannot be endorsed under any circumstances and all those endorsing Abbas should be also be called out. Abbas’ rise may become the downfall of Patari. 
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