Elon Musk shows new talent with releasing electronic dance track

elong musk
LOS ANGELES: Tesla boss Elon Musk has released an electronic dance music (EDM) track titled “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe” to show his musical prowess. 
The billionaire tech investor, inventor and space entrepreneur is showing off another talent for dance music. The founder of carmaker Tesla and the private space firm SpaceX announced on Twitter he had released an electronic dance track.
“Just wrote a song called ‘Don’t doubt yer vibe,'” he tweeted along with pictures of himself in what appears to be an improvised music studio. “I wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!”

Musk said the track was being released on “Emo G Records” which posted the four-minute song featuring pulsating electronic sounds overlaid with his vocals on its website.
The lyrics say: “Don’t doubt your vibe/because it’s true/don’t doubt your vibe/because it’s you.” He offered no clues about the inspiration behind the song or what his next step in music would be.

Last year Musk released a song about the death of Harambe the gorilla who was shot in a Cincinnati zoo in 2016 after a boy fell into its enclosure.
Musk posted the new song on his Soundcloud page, and told his followers that both the vocals and lyrics were entirely his own. It is unclear whether Musk’s girlfriend and pop musician Grimes had a hand in helping to create the track.
Musk’s latest venture comes after Tesla passed Volkswagen to become the world’s second most valuable carmaker and the market value recently topped $100 billion,
This triggered a payout plan that gives Musk shares worth $346 million, and if the value keeps rising, he could receive as much as $50 billion under the compensation plan.
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