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Dwayne Johnson says he’s open to Bollywood offers: ‘I think that’d be really cool’

"The Rock" Johnson said he would not use real guns again in his movies (Marker Medium))

Famous American actor Dwayne Johnson has revealed that he would be open to starring in a Bollywood movie in the future.

During a press conference for his recently released movie ‘Red Notice’, Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock in the wrestling world while speaking about Bollywood said that until he has not received any Bollywood offers so far. He said that he had not been offered one in the past, but he would love that.

“And you know, I, as I would like, we talked about this the other day when there’s like two big cultures in terms of entertainment, it’s coming out of Bollywood and Hollywood. There should be more crossover. So I think that would be really cool. Absolutely. And I’m well aware,” the actor maintained.

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He made his acting debut in ‘The Mummy Returns’ in 2001, and since then, WWE wrestler-turned-Hollywood superstar and producer Dwayne Johnson has reprised the lead role in a series of global blockbusters, starting with ‘The Scorpion King’ in 2002.