Corporal punishments scarred our children’s minds forever: Vawda

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda has said that the corporal punishments have scarred our children’s minds forever.

While speaking against corporal punishments in educational institutions, the minister shared a viral video of a teacher beating young girls in a Jhelum’s school and wrote that these corporal punishments ‘scar our children’s minds forever’.

The minister further stated that this behavior is unacceptable and he has instructed the District Police Officer (DPO) of Jehlum to arrest the teacher. “These corporal punishments (beating, shaming) scar our children’s minds forever. Just received this video. Down pointing backhand. Unacceptable behaviour. I’m on it. Have instructed DPO Jehlum to arrest him now. If need be I will register an FIR,” Vawda said. 

Earlier yesterday, a video of a teacher went viral as he was seen beating minor girls in his class. In the video, the teacher is seen repeatedly hitting two girls as one of them screams and cries for help.

The clip caused outrage on social media as many netizens asked for action to be taken against the teacher.

Soon after, Vawda posted on twitter that the teacher has been arrested.

“This teacher arrested. Good job DPO Jehlum! Quick action. FIR registered and this man behind the bars now!” he announced. 

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