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Coldplay with collaboration of Selena Gomez releases song titled ‘Let Somebody Go’

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Famous British rock band Coldplay with the collaboration of Selena Gomez has released the first glimpse into its music video titled ‘Let Somebody Go’.

The album is based on a retro-futuristic vibe called the ‘Music of the Spheres’, alongside famous American singer Selena Gomez. Moreover, even Chris Martin’s son Moses contributed to a song in the album.

In the song ‘Humankind’ Moses could be heard singing, “I say I know I know I know We’re only human/I know I know I know /How we’re designed, yeah /I know I know I know /We’re only human/But from another planet/ Still they call us Humankind.”

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Earlier, Coldplay has put a pause on their touring concerts in 2019 due to the concerns over the environmental impact their concerts pose. The band has pledged to make their upcoming tours eco-friendly and more sustainable.

Recently it was announced that, Coldplay is going to have their upcoming concert on ‘Kinetic flooring’ which will generate electricity when jump on it and is going to be the world’s first rechargeable battery show. Meanwhile, the band and scientists will further collaborate to understand the carbon footprint of the international tours and the impact of actions already undertaken to reduce carbon emissions by them.