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Akcent to spend holidays in Hunza to prove Pakistan is safe and Beautiful

source: online

Famed Romanian singer Akcent has announced to spend his holidays in Hunza this time, to show the world that Pakistan is safe and beautiful.

English singer and songwriter Adrian Sina aka Akcent have announced to spend his holidays in Pakistan’s heaven like Hunza to prove to the world outside that Pakistan is a safe and beautiful country. Taking on to his social media accounts Akcent posted a video saying that, “Hello, this is Akcent and I am so happy to see you again in Pakistan.”

He further states that, “This time I have decided to spend some of my holidays in Hunza Pakistan to show the world that Pakistan is a Safe and Beautiful country.” Moreover, Pakistani fans welcomed Akcent’s announcement in the comment section.

Earlier, Akcent also turned to his social media account and said “I have been to Pakistan many times and I always felt it like a home.” The singer was also inspired by Pakistani culture spotted in kurta at a music festival in Europe earlier this year.