Castrating rapist will be punishing his wife, says CII Chairman

KARACHI: Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology (CCI) Qibla Ayaz has said it was in accordance with Islamic laws and principles to publicly hang rapists. 

Speaking to a private TV channel, Qibla Ayaz was asked his opinion on the ongoing debate to publically hang rapists and whether it was in accordance with Islamic laws. The CCI chairman recalled that similar laws existed in Pakistan but had been suspended by the Supreme Court. 

Ayaz said that barring all legal hurdles and policy, it was acceptable in Shariah to provide such punishments while even the Holy Quran and Hadith also provide punishment such as stoning to death for adultery.

The CCI chairman was also asked regarding the Islamic injunctions on the castration of rapists. Ayaz objected to the proposed law and said if the culprit was married, then it be tantamount to punishing his wife.

Federal Minister Faisal Vawda, who was a guest on the show, interjected and asked whether the death penalty for murderers is also tantamount to punishing the woman as it takes away her husband’s right to life. He said that those raping minor children do not deserve any mercy and were not deserving of being called human beings.

The CCI Chairman said a bizarre law being mulled by the government to remove a person’s biological functions while he was still alive.  He urged the government to refer the matter to the CCI and a consensus will be reached after consultation with Islamic scholars whether it was in accordance with Shariah law.

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