Case of two JIT reports

An unusual situation has been created with the release of the JIT report regarding Lyari gangwar kingpin Uzair Baloch. After years of delay and legal battles, the Sindh government made the JIT report public but doubts were raised that a watered down version may be released absolving all PPP leaders.
Federal Minister Ali Zaidi expressed doubts over the veracity of the JIT report released by the Sindh government and claimed that he has the ‘original’ report. This report, he claims, was the one which was not released after the Sindh government did not sign it, while it was approved by law-enforcement agencies. The supposedly actual report has a damning account that Uzair Baloch had the political patronage of several top PPP leaders and continued to unleash a reign of terror with impunity.
Zaidi said the JIT report made public was a shorter version, had missing signatures and merely mentions the crime rather than on who behest it was committed. Who was supporting Uzair Baloch for all these years? Zaidi claims that six names are missing from the report and many of them are in parliament. This is a matter of concern if people accused of murder continue to be lawmakers.
The PPP has ruled over Sindh since the past decade when Uzair Baloch continued to build a criminal network. Evidence has emerged of his frequent contact with PPP leaders which they term was coincidental. The party was quick to hit back at Zaidi and even questioned the authenticity of the ‘original’ report and how a sensitive document laid into his hands.
The PPP seems to be in deep water over the crisis. Even the Lyari gangster has expressed fears that he risks being killed if he makes any startling revelations. This has been recorded in front of a magistrate and can be used against the PPP leaders. Uzair Baloch has been under custody for four years and it could take an even longer battle to hold others accountable.
As expected, the matter will handle in the Supreme Court which will have to determine which one is the actual report. It needs to been seen what side this rests on. If the Sindh government’s report is considered authentic then it would be vindicated and the onus will be on Zaidi to prove the allegations. Or else the PPP will have to face serious repercussions which could bring it down.
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