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‘Cafe Cannoli’ faces indefinite shutdown

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad-based restaurant Cannoli by Café Soul has been closed for an indefinite period of time.

As per the sources, no statement has been issued by the restaurant management in this regard and no date has been set for its reopening aswell. It all started last a week ago when the owners of the Cannoli by Café Soul Uzma Chaudhry and Dia Haider mocked their manager’s English accent.

The viral clip shell-shocked many of the social media users, as the elites mocked and posted the clip of the man who gave nine years of his life to their business.

On the other hand, the hotel manager named Awais clarified that the video was not made to insult him. He said that the video was just for ‘fun’ and his bosses did not intend to humiliate him.

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He also revealed that just after the incident, his bosses called him and apologized for the incident and regretted uploading the video on social media. He added that he had been working with the owners of the Cannoli cafe for the past 10 years. “If the owners were brutal to me from the start, I would have never worked for them all these years,” Awais said.