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Bilwal criticises PM for failing to engage opposition on national security issues

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for “failing to engage the opposition” on such important issues pertaining to national security.

While addressing a press conference in Karachi today, the PPP leader said, “This prime minister, since day one, has completely failed when it comes to national security issues, including those of Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir.”

Accusing the prime minister of not being mature enough to set aside his ego to talk to the opposition, Bilawal said, “It is the responsibility of the prime minister, considering the chair that he occupies, to talk to the opposition.” 

He demanded PM Imran to resign and hand over the job of leading the country to a prime minister “who takes his responsibilities seriously and doesn’t think about his personal politics on every other matter”. The PPP chairman said that army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa wants free and transparent polls in GB. 

Citing the recent meeting between the military and political leadership to discuss administrative matters pertaining to Gilgit-Baltistan, he said, “Some irresponsible persons who have nothing to do with national security are giving statements on every TV channel these days”.

Bilawal came down hard on “some irresponsible people” who were part of the meeting, for discussing sensitive issues relating to national security issues and foreign policy issues on TV. 

“Whoever’s spokesperson these people are, that person should tell them to be quiet at once,” said the PPP chairman. It was necessary for political parties to attend meetings on national security matters, he said. 

“The opposition as well as the government, despite our differences, is well-wishers of the country, Bilawal said.”When it comes to national security issues, we have always wanted to cooperate.”

But “this current set-up has created an atmosphere where “we don’t feel secure that our national security conversations and briefings will remain confidential,” he said.

“GB election is an opportunity after which if all political parties conduct electoral reforms in parliament and if we contest next elections on these reforms, I think this issue will be solved,” Bilawal added. 



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