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Ayesha Akram holds Rambo responsible for Minar-e-Pakistan incident

Ayesha Akram says Rambo is blackmailing her. (Source: Online)

LAHORE: TikToker Ayesha Akram, who was assaulted and molested by a mob at Minar-i-Pakistan on Independence Day, held her team member Rambo responsible for the tragic incident.

Ayesha Akram on Friday submitted a written statement to Deputy Inspector-General (DIG) Investigation, while asserting that Rambo had planned the tragic incident. “Rambo has secretly shoot indecent videos of mine and is now blackmailing me,” she claimed.

According to the statement, Rambo forced the TikToker to give him Rs1 million and was now demanding more through blackmail.  “I am tired of paying Rambo, so I have decided to seek the help of the police,” Ayesha said while asking the officials to arrest Rambo and provide security to her. The female Tiktoker further alleged that Rambo used to run a TikTok gang along with his associate named Badshah.

Meanwhile, DIG Investigation Sharq Jamal has not yet issued any statement regarding the case. Sources have claimed that the police have constituted a team to arrest Rambo. Sources further claimed that some of Rambo’s close associates have also been arrested who will be identified by Ayesha Akram.

In September 2021, a judicial magistrate at the district courts discharged 98 suspects in the Minar-i-Pakistan TikToker assault case as Ayesha did not recognise them in the identification parade.

The identification parade of 104 suspects was conducted at the Camp Jail under the supervision of a judicial magistrate. TikToker Ayesha Akram and her team members were present in the jail to identify the suspects.

The complainant and the witnesses identified only six suspects. Lorry Adda police produced the remaining 98 suspects before the magistrate and filed a discharged report. The police said the suspects were no more required in the case. Magistrate Hassan Sarfraz Cheema discharged the suspects.