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Anushka Sharma opens up about her motherhood fears

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Famed Indian actress Anushka Sharma has spilled the beans on her fears adjoined with her motherhood after having Vamika, her 10-months-old in her life.

While talking in an interview, Anushka talked about her pregnancy period’s difficulties and how Virat had supported her throughout.

The ‘Band Bajaa Baraat’ actress said, “One of the things this experience has taught me is to always look at the positives. It allowed Virat and I to spend a lot of time together because he wasn’t playing any matches at the time. Had he been traveling, I wouldn’t have been able to accompany him in my condition. My first trimester was awful, so it was nice to have him by my side, to handhold and be my cheerleader.”

She further revealed that, how badly she wanted a baby shower but was afraid to have one in the COVID pandemic, so she had to restrict it to a low-key affair with only her immediate family in attendance.

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Moreover, Anushka mentioned that after becoming a mother, responsibilities make you a stronger person than before. She said, “When you’re completely responsible for an individual who’s dependent on you, you don’t have time to dwell on less important things. When Virat and I look back on the moments or situations that worried us, they feel so trivial in comparison.”

“Today, I find myself stronger, braver, and more sure of myself, way more than I’ve ever been. I’m making better decisions because a lot of the riff-raff has been cleared out.” She added.

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