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Actor Chris Pratt faces backlash on wishing wife for ‘healthy’ baby after son’s issues

source: online

American actor Chris Pratt has faced a serious backlash for wishing his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger ‘a healthy baby girl’ following his son’s disabilities.

This all started after Chris Pratt had posted about praising his wife ahead of her birthday saying that, “she’s given me a healthy daughter, she chews so loud that sometimes I put in my earbuds to drown it out, but that’s love.”  

source: online

Soon after his post, Chris’s fans have slammed him. One of the social media users wrote, “I love Chris Pratt. but the “healthy daughter” part is made me wince. Although he may not have meant it as an insult, it sort of came off that way. Imagine how that will make his son feel, if he ever reads it?”

Another wrote about how different actors are in real life versus reel life, saying, “I hate how people think movie actors actions that are scripted out are indication of how an actor is. Minus those things Chris Prat is a racist, religious, ableist, homophobe.

Meanwhile, Pratt’s now 9-year-old son, Jack, was born premature and he had to undergo numerous operations. He weighed just 3 pounds, 12 ounces at birth.