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80-year-old elderly man marries childhood love interest

LAHORE: An 80-year-old elderly man has set a new example by marrying his childhood love interest.

Interestingly, the 80-year-old named Attar Mayon married his childhood love interest who is now 75-years old woman named Nazira Bibi. According to details, both could not marry in their youth due to the consent of their parents. 

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The wedding ceremony of the two was held in Punjab’s Hashim Pura. The valima ceremony was attended by both of their relatives. The news along with the adorable picture of the newly-wed couple has also gone viral on social media.

Kangangpur is a town in tehsil Chunian, in district Kasur, located 115 kilometres away from Lahore. It is a frontier town adjoining the Indian city Firozpur from the east and Okara from the west.