World Sleep Day 2023: Here’s how taking naps at office can be good

The World Sleep Day is being observed around the world.

The annual event aims to highlight the importance of sleep and how sleep disorders can impact people.

Here are the reasons why you’re getting poor sleep consistently:

  1. Eating the wrong foods
  2. Working out in the evening
  3. Screens before bed
  4. You’re stressed
  5. Eating right before bed
  6. Consuming stimulants
  7. Breathing issues

This year’s theme is: ‘Sleep is essential for good health.’ Daily lifestyle has become increasingly hectic due to factors such as long working hours and heightened commuting time. Sleeping at work is not always bad.

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Hence, on this special occasion, let’s find out how sleeping at work can boost productivity:

  • Sleeping at work can boost employees’ attention and memory.
  • Employees who get good sleep work faster, make fewer errors and do it all without reaching emotional extremes.
  • Taking short naps at work can also lower the likelihood of work-related anger, irritability, or stress.

Tips for  employees

  • Avoid stimulating your body with food, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine before bedtime. 
  • Exercise regularly well before bedtime.  
  • Create a comfortable, quiet, dark sleeping environment. 
  • Wind down before bedtime.  
  • Maintain regular sleeping hours and habits.  
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