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Why did Nadia Khan get emotional about her daughter?

Alizeh is the eldest daughter of actress Nadia Khan. Source: Instagram

Popular TV show host and actress Nadia Khan has opened up on how she attempted in vain to stop her daughter Alizeh from going abroad.

Nadia Khan hosted a program on a state-run TV channel in which her daughter Alizeh also participated. During the show, Nadia Khan became emotional and teary-eyed when discussing sending her daughter abroad to pursue an education in Canada.

“My daughter Aliza is going to Canada for higher education while I wanted her to complete study in her homeland Pakistan but she did not accept,” she added.

Nadia Khan said that in view of the spread of coronavirus and increasing fears of Islamophobia, she tried her best not to let her daughter leave the country but could not succeed.

She also suggested her to work in dramas and also made her meet many personalities from the showbiz industry, but due to her good grades, her daughter was granted admitted to a Canadian university.

In November last year, Nadia Khan eldest daughter who is all grown up was a guest on her show. She and her daughter seem to share a special bond.

Speaking about her home, Alizeh said, “We now have a mixed environment at home. There are strict rules when it comes to studies and it was vital for a disciplined life. My mom taught me how to respect elders and be an excellent sister and a good human being.”

In the interview, Nadia asked her daughter if her friends talk about her being an introvert. She replied, “Yes, they talk and it gets extremely hard to make friends. But I just want to say that there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. It helps you study better, and get close to your family.”

While sharing the worst quality of her mother, Alizeh stated, “She is very fast and gets bored with long stories. I have many stories but she can’t listen and gets lost in her own world.”

On the other hand, she also shared the best quality of her mother and said, “Whenever there is a difficult situation at hand, my mom never really shows it. For the sake of us and for her show, she keeps it together. Like a few days ago, my mom’s most favorite dog died. And I came to the set with her, to keep a check on her. But that day I realized that my mom truly is a wonder woman. And that is what I like the most about her.”

At the end of the interview, Nadia Khan also shared that her daughter is not fond of shopping or spending a lot of money on herself. The daughter herself said, “What will you get out of showing off? People who don’t have enough will feel bad. Nothing good comes out of overspending.”