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Wholesale price of sugar in Rawalpindi rises by Rs9 per kg


RAWALPINDI: The wholesale price of sugar in Rawalpindi has gone up by Rs 9 per kg.

According to sources, the price of sugar in the wholesale market of Rawalpindi reached Rs 107 per kg while the price of sugar in Rawalpindi was Rs 98 per kg yesterday. Sugar is being sold at Rs 110 per kg in the city’s shops.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, prices of 24 essential commodities have gone up during the last week, including flour, sugar, tomatoes, onions, eggs, poultry, potatoes, lentils, rice. Yogurt and garlic are included.

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According to the weekly report of the Bureau of Statistics, the price of eggs increased by Rs 16 per dozen, potato by Rs 80 per kg, and broiler by Rs 9 per kg. The Federal Bureau of Statistics said that the weekly inflation rose by 1.24 percent to 11.28 percent.


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