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Shahid Shahnawaz

Shahid Shahnawaz

The writer is poet and journalist.

PTI’s Long March

As soon as Imran Khan became Prime Minister in 2018, the oppositions parties started agitation against his government, which gained momentum with the passage of time, and then Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari marched towards Islamabad with an

Importance of argument in politics

Politics is not the name of a limited field of thought or ideology, but a broad word that we use worldwide for the policy made by any person, group, or community with the aim of ensuring its supremacy.  If we

Ishaq Dar’s return

Preparations are in full swing to restore the country’s economy by making Senator Ishaq Dar the finance minister once again, which according to Ishaq Dar’s supporters, was ruined first by the economic team of Imran Khan and then by the

Pakistan’s call for debt cancellation

Pakistan is again calling for reparations and debt cancellation in light of the heavy loss incurred by floods triggered by heavy rains. Islamabad is getting international aid in terms of cash and relief goods from friendly countries but PM Shehbaz

Which Pundit said?

Time passes and changes many things very quickly, what is good becomes bad and what is bad becomes worse. Perhaps this is the reason why every passing generation of humans seems to tell the next that we had a great

Matter of COAS’s appointment

The way in which the appointment of the Army Chief is being made controversial in the country’s politics is unprecedented in the 75-year history of the nation and the sad thing is that the government’s allies and opposition parties have

Release of Shahbaz Gill and floods

The central leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and chief of staff of Bani Gala, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, was arrested in August due to the remarks he made during his speech. He was released yesterday. Shahbaz Gill’s lawyer said that the former

Issue of Shakoor Shad’s resignation

When MNA Abdul Shakoor Shad was applying for PTI’s ticket to contest election in 2018, I was the person who had filled in his online application form. Not only of Shad, but I had filled in the forms of many

Enchantment of poetry

People say that poetry was at its peak in the era of Mirza Ghalib, Mir and Allama Iqbal, but today it has disappeared. The poets left and took the art of poetry with them and went to sleep under the

Salute to Pak Army

September 6, is known as Pakistan’s Defense Day in the country’s history. It reminds us of the 1965 Indo-Pak war. This is the day when the enemy attacked the motherland and the Shaheens taught a befitting lesson that will be

Endless demand of ‘‘Do More’’

During the former PTI government, Pakistan’s former National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf and the then Prime Minister Imran Khan started showing their eyes to US, the country’s foreign policy seemed to be on a different path and the hope was

Difficulties of incarceration

At least 2 leading politicians of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf are currently facing the hardships of imprisonment, one of them belongs to Punjab and the other to Sindh. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about Shahbaz Gill and Haleem Adil

Incidents of child abuse

Whenever the incidents of child abuse are mentioned across the country, memories of Zainab, a 6-year-old girl from Kasur, whose father raised his voice to get justice for his daughter, become fresh in our minds. This innocent girl named Zainab

Tragedy of our time

Time goes by, calamities destruct and destroy, and nations, despite all hurdles, go through the hard times with patience and struggle. But the question is; has anyone wondered what the greatest tragedy of our time is? Some would say that

The distant Delhi

The story of the rule of the Mughal kings on the subcontinent is as proud as it is despicable, in which there is a mention of a king, Muhammad Shah Rangela, who became famous for his Persian phrase of the

Sectarianism and solidarity

The religion of Islam has given very special importance to the building of the mosque. This is the building where people come for some time to pray and recite the world’s most widely read book, the Holy Quran, glorify Allah

Climate hazards

State of denial, yes this is the term which is very familiar to every Pakistani at least. When the world is facing the worst effects of climate change, Pakistan has still not bothered to take this issue seriously and take

Taliban Resurgence

The resurgence of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the KP chief minister Mahmood Khan’s native area – Matta tehsil in Swat district, has raised concerns. However, local sources say that there is no specific area being ruled by the Taliban in

Arrest of PTI leader

On Tuesday, former special assistant to the former prime minister and current PTI leader Dr Shahbaz Gill was arrested for hosting a program on a private TV channel, which is not the first time he has been detained. In early

Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA)

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said “Husain is from me, and I am from Husain”, while the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that “Al-Hasan and Al-Husain are the leaders of the youth of Paradise.” And their father (Hazrat Ali, May Allah

Month of independence and our responsibilities

A person spends his whole life earning but he does not realize that Almighty Allah who sent him to this world had a purpose of his own behind this. We forget that apart from breathing, eating and drinking and spending

The Male Monopoly on Web 3.0

The whole world seems to be singing the praises of Web 3.0 instead of Web 2.0, but meanwhile, one big question has caught the attention of the tech giants and that is why the leadership of Web 3.0 is monopolized

Gender equality and Islam

In the religion of Islam, women have been given the same status as men, but in terms of relationships, sometimes men have priority and sometimes women, while the status of a woman as a mother is 3 times higher than

Destructive government

In the old days, the reins of power were in the hands of kings and tribal chiefs instead of the prime minister or president. He would appoint whomever he wanted as a minister or adviser and kill whomever he wanted

Fear of God

No one knows how many centuries have passed since the so-called noble creatures, ie human beings, came to earth and how many generations of us have passed through their childhood, youth and old age and died. However, it is estimated

Launch of Web 3.0: Where the world is heading?

Over time, the Internet has made tremendous progress in what we see when we manage to do hours of work in minutes and now seconds, while the most amazing thing is when even the impossible becomes possible. For example, the Internet,

Who will not die for this simplicity

The king was in a very bad mood. When he returned from hunting, they found that their prey was being prepared. Behind the scenes, the puppet minister sitting on the throne was preparing to overthrow the king. The problem was

Derogratory remarks and Al Qaeda’s warning of attacks

A series of anti-Muslim rhetoric erupted in the neighbouring country following a blasphemous statement by Nupur Sharma, spokesperson of India’s ruling political party BJP. The question is why the appeasement of Muslims in India is considered fashion? Behind this is

Is Pakistan on the verge of bankruptcy?

Pakistan is slowly heading towards Sri Lanka-like crisis situation due to the worsening domestic political and economic situation, which can be turned around through political dialogue and prudent economic policies. The US dollar reached the startling milestone of Rs200 when

Foreign conspiracy and power politics

Last month, the PTI government was overthrown by a no-confidence motion. PTI leaders are still pushing the narrative that a foreign conspiracy was hatched to oust Imran Khan citing a purported threatening letter mentions a no-confidence motion. PTI chairman Imran