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Which social media apps are most used in the year 2022?

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Data.ai, a company that tracks digital trends worldwide, has published a 91-page report detailing the most used social media apps in 2022.

According to the report, the popularity of some new social media apps has also increased in the past year, among which the photo app called ‘Be Real’ is on top, which had 5.3 million users in August 2022 and has now reached 10 million. However, US users are the majority among them and Metta’s apps namely Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, and TikTok are still at the top.

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According to Data.ai, TikTok app revenue is expected to grow exponentially in 2022, which is the highest. This year in particular, live streaming and live shopping streams became very popular. Then Tik Tok also provided the facility to buy and sell currency withian the app which has been much appreciated.

In 2022, US users overtook Japan and China to spend the most time on social media apps. The use of social media apps has tripled globally.

A 17% increase in time spent on social media apps has also been noted in the year 2022. It is also predicted that the use and income of social media apps will increase this year as well.

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