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USD to PKR: US dollar falls once again against rupee

KARACHI: The price of the dollar is once again recording a decline at the start of business in the interbank market.

According to the details, on the fourth day of the business week, the price of the dollar is expected to fall again, but at the beginning of the day, the dollar has decreased by 7 rupees in the interbank market, after which the dollar became Rs. 220.

Yesterday, after the positive message from the IMF about the debt recovery for Pakistan, the dollar price in the interbank market decreased by 10 rupees. It should be noted that the IMF has said that Pakistan has fulfilled the last condition by increasing the petroleum levy. The last precondition of the agreement has also been completed.

It should be remembered that the price of the dollar had also decreased yesterday, the interbank rate of the dollar had reached the level of 228 rupees. However, at the close of business, the dollar closed at the level of Rs 228.80 after a significant decline of Rs 9.58 in the inter-bank market.

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Similarly, in the open currency market, the value of the dollar decreased by Rs 11.50 to Rs 229. On the other hand, experts say that since Pakistan has fulfilled all the conditions of the IMF, it remains to meet the required capital shortfall of 4 billion dollars only for this year, which is managed by the IMF authorities. 

Apart from this, a positive trend is being seen in the Pakistan Stock Exchange along with the decrease in the price of the dollar, the 100 indexes has increased to the level of 41 thousand 500 while there has been an increase of 474 points.

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