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Unity for COVID-19 crisis

Currently, countries around the world are working to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, while the situation in Pakistan seems to be getting worse. The number of coronavirus infections across the country is increasing rapidly, with news reports reflecting how quickly hospitals are running out of space. Confirmed cases in Pakistan are around 139,000 and daily fatalities of nearly 100 are being reported.
Federal Minister Asad Umar issued a stark warning regarding the current trajectory of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, saying that the confirmed cases of the deadly disease could double by the end of this month and could reach 1-1.2 million. One can easily understand from the statement of the minister that the situation is not improving.
On the other hand, places such as New Zealand were able to contain the outbreak by either already having a strong disaster response system in place, or listening to the advice of experts and innovating new strategies. Instead of holding press conferences, the ministers did fieldwork, which resulted in New Zealand becoming a corona-free country.
The situation in our country is radically different. If someone is doing a good job here, he is also unduly criticised. Doctors’ concerns were ignored, medics were attacked in the line of duty. Prime Minister Imran Khan had ended the lockdown for the sake of daily wagers and the poor segments of the society. At the same time, the premier urged to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs). However, it was also politicised by the opposition and the government was blamed for the increasing number of corona cases.
In the current situation, whether it is the opposition or the government, everyone should work together with unity for the survival of the people by keeping politics at bay. The government should provide better facilities to the hospitals. We have to put our differences aside and think in the best interest of the people in this grave situation.
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