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This woman in Karachi sells Zinger burger for Rs80

KARACHI: Of the various fast food offerings available, one of the most ubiquitous in the city is the Zinger burger. However, low-salaried and middle-class people usually avoid heading towards expensive hotels and restaurants.

Sharifa Aijaz runs a zinger food cart around the Soldier Bazar area, Karachi. The food stall established inside a vehicle sells Zinger burgers at just Rs80 and Rs100 (with fries). The old woman is a living example of motivation and hard work. Despite odds, she has a pleasant smile on her face.

Talking to M.M News, Sharifa Aijaz said the food stall was initially started by her husband, however, the financial situation worsened due to the COVID-19 lockdown. “After the health of my husband worsened, I took over the business and started selling burgers,” she added.

While explaining the difficulties she faced initially, the woman said that she has changed four to five spots during the last five months. “Not every person could afford Zinger burger, hence I decided to sell it at a low price but with the standard taste,” she added.