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The Male Monopoly on Web 3.0

Shahid Shahnawaz

The writer is poet and journalist.

The whole world seems to be singing the praises of Web 3.0 instead of Web 2.0, but meanwhile, one big question has caught the attention of the tech giants and that is why the leadership of Web 3.0 is monopolized by men?

If readers want to know what web 2.0 and 3.0 are or how much difference there is between them, then they can read about it by clicking on the above link. The things that have been mentioned in the previous column, repeating them here will be nothing more than a waste of time.

The story goes that whenever there is a new technology, the first to seize it are powerful people, for example, who were the founders of Facebook and Amazon? Whose company is Microsoft? If you think about it, all this is with western countries and developing or underdeveloped countries are only their consumers, nothing else.

Perhaps something similar is the case with Web 3.0, which is accused of being mostly male-dominated, and the people who are at the forefront of other technologies, including NFT, are not women and men equally, but most men and here we have to know why if there really is such a thing?

In retrospect, in 1995, 37 percent of computer scientists were women, and today that percentage has dropped to 24 percent. Experts say that if new technology continues to be kept away from women, this rate will gradually decrease. Research shows that 38 percent of women stay away from the technology industry because they are prevented from entering the field.

The research further revealed that only 19% of women saw women as role models to advance in the technology sector, with the remaining women looking to a man to serve in the field and overcome obstacles. The lack of female role models in this field is clearly evident.

The largest metaverse platforms, including Fortnite, Sandbox, Roblox, and Meta, Facebook, are dominated by white men, with only 2 women in the COO role. While farms are represented by women, they tend to lag behind in terms of funding.

In fact, these metaverse platforms that we are talking about can be described as the early form of Web 3.0 because Web 3.0 is still in its evolutionary stages, facing numerous challenges and problems, and perhaps because the world More or less 50% of the population is being kept away from this sector. Men alone want to shoulder all the burdens and take home all the rewards.

In November of last year, only 16 percent of NFT sales were made by female artists, while nearly 84 percent were earned by men, and when it came to women who were black, the numbers were even higher. 

Incredibly, only 5% of the 121 registered founders of the world’s leading crypto companies are women, and cryptocurrencies are set to play a major role in Web 3.0. Experts say that the problem of the 20th century we are taking with us in the latest technology that has appeared in the 21st century, is, the discrimination of men and women.

There is a need for the modern world to understand the importance of women in other technologies including Web 3.0 and take them along. If technology develops, women should also be given a chance to play their role in it. We do not only need to be called developed and civilized, but our behavior should also be like that of developed and civilized human beings, i.e. above all kinds of gender discrimination.

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