Tahir Mahmood’s Gawah Rehna will release in March 2020

KARACHI: The film director and writer Tahir Mahmood will start shooting his movie, Gawah Rehna in October. The movie is based on Khilafat Movement, launched by the Muslims of India in support of the last Ottoman Caliph Abdulmejod II. 

Speaking to the media, Mr. Mahmood said that as a career diplomat, he was posted in Turkey where an idea about making a movie hit his mind. He revealed the concept of the film, he stated that around 100 years ago people of the subcontinent launched a movement in support of the Ottoman Caliphate.

“The Turkish have always admired the steps taken by our ancestors to support the Caliphate in Turkey,” he added.

Mr. Mahmood said the filming for the project will start in October and, if things go as planned, it will be released in March 2020. Gawah Rehna will be released both in Pakistan and Turkey.

The producer of Gawah Rehna, Kashif Ismail, said since he belongs to a Kashmiri family, he knows the significance of freedom (as the film is also about the struggle for freedom).

Veteran actor, Qavi Khan, and Emad Irfani will be playing important roles in the upcoming movie. The actor, Emad Irfani said during the press conference,” it is important that the Pakistani perspective on the subject reaches the rest of the world. In regards to the write-up, he said he loved the director’s attention to detail and the way the characters have been defined”.


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