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Women gather in Gwadar’s streets demanding rights

The government has accepted four demands of Gwadar Haq Do Tehreek but the sit-in is still going on (Photo Twitter)

QUETTA: Hundreds of women participated in the rally ‘Give Rights to Gwadar’, led by Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman of the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and declared a referendum against anti-labor policies.

Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman’s appeal to Balochistan on the occasion of International Human Rights Day to hold a historic rally of Balochistan in Gwadar during the ongoing sit-in organized by ‘Give Rights to Gwadar’ for Balochistan.

The participants of the rally reached the sit-in site through various highways where Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, the head of ‘Give Rights to Gwadar’ for Balochistan, addressing the participants of the rally said that thousands of people participated in the rally against the government’s anti-fisher, anti-labor policies.

There is a referendum, he said by adding that if the provincial government does not accept the demands of Haq Do Tehreek then the sea of people will sweep away the rulers.

It should be noted that thousands of people in Gwadar have been protesting since November 15 against unnecessary check posts, a severe shortage of water and electricity, and threats to employment due to illegal fishing.

The government has accepted four demands of Haq Do Tehreek from Gwadar but the participants of the sit-in are not satisfied with them which is why the sit-in is still going on.

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