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Scientists introduce electronic tattoos for accurate measurement of high PB

(Photo: Science Tech Daily)

Experts have introduced electronic tattoos as one of the most important indicators of heart health for continuous accurate measurement and monitoring of high blood pressure.

According to the details, it is medically difficult to measure blood pressure accurately. Cuff-based devices that wrap around the arm have been used for decades, but researchers at two Texas universities have developed an electronic tattoo.

The tattoo can be easily worn on the wrist for hours and provides consistent accurate measurement of blood pressure which is considered to be far superior to other options available in the market. said Deji Akinwande, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Austin and one of the co-leaders of the project.

Research into the introduction of electronic tattoos has been published in the June 20, 2022 issue of Nature Nanotechnology. It should be noted that in the case of non-treatment, high blood pressure can lead to serious heart problems which can be difficult to control through traditional monitoring of blood pressure.

In fact, the traditional method of measuring blood pressure measures only one moment, which consists of a single data point. Jeffrey Falzarano, a professor of biomedical engineering at Texas A&M, and other co-researchers say there are many limits to measuring blood pressure. It does not know how the body works.

Researchers said that e-tattoos is a good choice for monitoring mobile blood pressure, which is comfortable to wear for a long time and do not slip around. Continuous monitoring of blood pressure through tattoos allows the measurement of high blood pressure in all types of conditions, which is far superior to other instruments.

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