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School friends kill 12-year-old over spilling ‘secret’

KARACHI: A 12-year-old boy has been killed by his school friends in the Orangi Town over unveiling a ‘secret’. 

The incident took place on Saturday when the body of the boy named Arbaz was found from an empty plot in Altaf Nagar in Orangi Town. Police arrested two of his friends involved in the murder of Arbaz after recovering a murder weapon and bloody clothes.

Boy killed by school friends Ahram Ahram on left Arbaz, Arbaz on the right

The suspects were interrogated and the parents of the culprit involved in the case also went under investigation. The arrested accused Arham and the deceased were fifth-grade students.

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Arham confessed to the crime during interrogation and said that he had thrown the body of the slain on the plot along with another friend Arsalan. According to the accused, he had come to know the important questions of the exams and he had told his slain friend about it.

He purportedly killed Arbaaz for fear of revealing the secret.  Police said that the medical report of the victim is yet to come after which it will be clear whether the victim Arbaaz was abused or not.