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Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch acquitted in another criminal case

KARACHI: A sessions court on Tuesday acquitted Lyari gang war kingpin Uzair Baloch in the kidnapping and murder case of a citizen over lack of evidence.

Uzair Baloch has been acquitted in four cases of heinous crimes in the last week. The defence counsel said that no eyewitness appeared before the court and the prosecution did not provide evidence on the culprits involved in the murder.

The lawyer said the police found the dead body but didn’t identify the slain person.  The murder took place in Kalri on March 13, 2013 and the case was registered on March 17.

Uzair Baloch’s lawyer said police nominated his client in the case on political grounds over the statement of a police officer who was not present at the crime scene. He said the witness policeman recorded his statement to the investigation officer but failed to appear before the court.

According to the prosecution’s charge sheet, the deceased Noshad was abducted from Chakiwara and was kept at a cell where Uzair Baloch and the other accused were present. The prosecution said Baloch ordered his men to kill the victim.

An anti-terrorism court had earlier accepted an application moved by Uzair Baloch seeking acquittal in two other cases related to attempted murder and police encounter registered at Kalakot and Chakiwara police stations. The court exonerated him from all charges in these two cases after the prosecution side failed to produce any evidence against him.

Uzair has been accused of committing 198 murders during the Lyari gang war and was arrested by the Rangers on January 30, 2016. In April 2017, his custody was handed over to the Pakistan Army after he was accused of espionage. He was handed over to the police on April 6, 2020.