Sadaf Kanwal was not the reason behind my divorce: Shehroz

KARACHI: Actor Shehroz Sabzwari has opened up after marrying model Sadaf Kanwal in which he claimed that his second wife was not the reason behind his separation from his first wife, Syra Yousuf.
In a video statement, the actor claimed that he never cheated Syra with Sadaf, “I am recording this video to defend the honor of my family, and for my daughter who will come to know about the rumours about me so in return she can proudly see this video too which proves I never cheated.”

According to the actor, the couple did not get separated in December last year, “Syra and I decided to part ways in August 2019 due to some personal matter which we tried to work out but unfortunately it did not work out.” He continued that he never wanted that, however, both had no choice.
“I did not meet Sadaf at the time we both parted ways,” he claimed. “I can safely challenge any person to provide evidence to prove otherwise,” Sabswari declared.
According to him, he met Sadaf through work, three to four months after separation with Syra. “She was just a colleague back then,” he added.
He expressed, “Many people wanted me to remain silent and move on ignoring all the allegations being put on me. However, I will defend my family, my wife Sadaf, till the very last breath.” The actor once again claimed that if anyone has any proof against him or his family present it.
Both Shehroz and Sadaf recently tied the knot after parting ways from his first wife Syra Yousuf. Confirming rumours that the two had been dating since Shahroz’s separation, the couple took to Instagram to share pictures from their Nikkah ceremony right after Sadaf changed her maiden name on Instagram from Sadaf Kanwal to Sadaf Sabzwari.
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