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Saba Qamar defends Azeem Khan, says ‘I trust you’

Actress Saba Qamar has come forward to defend her beau, Azeem Khan, who is being accused by a woman of harassment.

A few days ago, a woman named Ujala, who is a fan of Saba Qamar accused Azeem Khan, her husband to be, of rape and death threats through her Instagram stories. In his reply, Azeem Khan had also released a special video message on his official Instagram account in response to the allegations.

By denying the allegations against him, Khan responded that it is his last reply to the accusers. “Now report against me and post that report on social media,” he maintained. He said, “From today onwards, I will not answer any of your allegations unless you speak to me in a regular and orderly manner.” 

Saba Qamar also supported her love interest’s response commented under his post, “I trust you” with a heart emoji. It is to be noted that Saba Qamar had recently confirmed that she will soon get married to Azeem Khan. However, soon after Saba Qamar confirming her relationship with Azeem Khan, a woman highlighted her disturbing encounter with Pakistani-Australian entrepreneur Azeem Khan on her Instagram story.

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Through her Instagram stories, Ujala claimed that Saba Qamar’s love interest leaked personal information about women from an online private closed group by disguising himself as a female. According to her, because of Azeem, Ujala had received multiple rape and death threats.

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