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PM terms youth as the ‘biggest asset’ of country

KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said the youth is the “biggest asset: of Pakistan and the government is giving due attention to financially empower them.
Addressing a cheque distribution ceremony of ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’ in Karachi, the prime minister said such programmes are vital in the development of any country to help the young population.
PM Imran Khan said a society can develop only when youth of the country are given opportunities in lifting the nation. “Nations are former when young people are vibrant, work hard, start their own businesses. When they (youth) succeed, they lift up the country,” he said.
The prime minister said Pakistan has second youngest population in the world and their talent can be harnessed for progress and prosperity of the country. He added that Pakistan is blessed with countless assets, but the biggest asset is its youth.
PM Imran Khan said under Hunarmand Jawan Program, the government has started programmes for skill development of the youth, while the while the ‘Ehsaas for Students’ programme will provide 50,000 scholarships to students who require financial assistance to complete their education.
He further said youth can change the economic lot of the country, adding that this program is aimed at youth and its success depends on awarding the loans on merit.
The prime minister said merit defines the success of any society, and programmes fail when dishonesty comes and meritocracy is ignored. “The more we invest in our youth, the more our country will progress,” he remarked. “This programme will only succeed when it provides loans on merit.”
Imran Khan said the country is blessed with rich mineral deposits, cultural sites and other blessings. He said our country is endowed with rich talent but that was not given attention in past.
Citing the success of overseas Pakistanis, the prime minister said that is only due to merit in those societies that they were able to succeed in every field, but could not grow at home because of dishonesty and a lack of merit.
He regretted that institutions of the country were weakened in the past due to ignoring of merit and giving preference to people on the basis of nepotism.
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