PM Khan condemns Nankana incident in strongest form

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday has condemned the Nankana Sahib gurdwara incident and said that such incidents are connected with the treatment of minorities in India.
He said Nankana Sahib’s latest condemnable event is against his dream and his government will find zero-tolerance against such issues.
Prime Minister Imran Khan in his twitter message said, ” Modi’s RSS vision supports minority oppression & the targeted attacks against Muslims are part of this agenda.

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“RSS goons conducting public lynchings, Muslims being violated by mobs are all not only supported by Modi Govt but Indian police lead anti-Muslim attacks.”

He further said, “The major difference between the condemnable Nankana incident & the ongoing attacks across India on Muslims & other minorities is this: the former is against my vision & will find zero tolerance & protection from the govt incl police & judiciary.”
Earlier, attempts to portray the Nankana incident had been alerted by the foreign office in Islamabad as a community issue and called these attempts as patently motivated.

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The foreign office stated that the Gurdwara remains untouched and undamaged, all remarks to the contrary, including reports of acts of “desecration and degradation” and religious place desecration, are false and mischievous.
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