Pakistani twin sisters become Youngest Microsoft Power Platform Certified professionals

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani twin sisters, Zara Khan and Zenubia Khan become the youngest Microsoft Power Platform Certified Professionals at the age of 10.

As per details, these twin sisters are the youngest to receive the Microsoft Power platform certification in the world, as reported by

The twins learned about the certification from their father, who works in the tech industry and were forced to work from home during the pandemic. The girls learned basic programming and the necessary skills required for this certification online during their free time.

After six months of preparation, the girls passed the test and become the youngest Power Platform certified professionals in the world.

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification is a great fit for those who are interested in building solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform, automating basic business processes with Power Automate, performing data analysis with Power BI, creating simple Power Apps experiences, and building practical chatbots with Power Virtual Agents.

While no experience is necessary to train for this certification, basic familiarity with computer technology, the internet, cloud computing and data analytics is required.

First Microsoft Certified Professional Was Arfa Karim. Born in Faisalabad, Arfa Karim was only nine years old when she became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in the world.

She instantly became the center of attention for international media. She is also the youngest recipient of the Pride of Performance award in Pakistan, and her name was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records.