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Pakistani boxer ready to go to Thailand for fight despite financial difficulties

Pakistani boxer Nadir Baloch is ready to fly to Thailand for a professional fight despite financial difficulties, for which he has worked hard and practiced, his determination, courage and enthusiasm are clearly reflected in his conversation.

Nadir Baloch is determined for the fight while talking to MM News about his departure to Thailand and said that his title fight is going to take place in Thailand with a Thai boxer who can be considered a good boxer in terms of his field. He has won many contests so far and rarely lost.

Renowned boxer Nadir Baloch said that he has played 11 matches so far and won 10 and lost one so far while this will be his 12th fight in Thailand for which he has prepared hard and with full enthusiasm. I will fight for Pakistan together. My fight with the Thai fighter will be on August 3, he added.

Boxer Nadir Baloch said that on the night of July 31, my flight will depart from Pakistan to Thailand. I will train for 2 days before the fight. On July 2nd, I will be speaking to the media. God willing, my fight will be on August 3. No matter how hard you work, it shows in color. In my luck, whatever is best, will be.

Baloch said that he trusts Allah and is thankful to his department Pakistan Rangers, Sports Board and Sindh Government. Nadir said the Boxing Council introduced him to the sport after which he showcased his boxing skills at the international level.

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