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One-day visit: PM Imran Khan arrives in Peshawar

The Regional Election Commissioner said that if the Prime Minister came to Peshawar, it would be a violation of the code of conduct of the Election Commission. (Photo: Business Recorder)

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has arrived in Peshawar, however, the Regional Election Commissioner Peshawar threatened that the prime minister’s visit to Peshawar would violate the code of conduct of the Election Commission and it is advised not to come to Peshawar, otherwise legal action will be taken.

According to details, the Regional Election Commissioner Peshawar has written a letter to the prime minister in which the District Monitoring Officer Peshawar along with him also advised PM Imran Khan to refrain from visiting Peshawar. Regional Commissioner Saeed Ahmad Khan said in the letter that according to the news he is coming to Peshawar for the inauguration of the Pakistan Card, therefore he advised not to violate the code of conduct of the Election Commission.

According to the letter, Regional Election Commissioner and District Monitoring Officer Peshawar Saeed Ahmad Khan threatened legal action if the Prime Minister visited a local council in Peshawar or announced a government scheme after announcing elections in the constituency.

It may be recalled that earlier it was reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan would pay a one-day visit to Peshawar today, on which occasion the Pakistan Card would be inaugurated.

PM Imran Khan will inaugurate the new Pakistan Card on the occasion of his one-day official visit to Peshawar. The prime minister is also expected to address the inaugural function while presiding over important meetings and important meetings.

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