Never considered as a ‘serious actor’: Chris Hemsworth talks about his roles in movies

Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth has admitted that he would be called a ‘serious actor’ if he put on a ‘bunch of unhealthy weight’ or got ‘unhealthily skinny’ for a role.

The 37-year-old Australian actor, who is currently filming Thor: Love and Thunder, said that bodybuilding is seen as ‘vanity’ as he discussed his grueling training routine for his role as Thor in the Marvel blockbusters. 

In an interview, he said that the training across 10 years of doing it is a full-time job. “That and then a 12-hour shooting day – it’s a real grind. It’s incredibly rewarding, too – you have to look at it as a professional athlete,” he added.

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Chris also admitted that after years of ‘over training’, he is currently the ‘fittest’ and ‘strongest’ he has ever been due to spending more time at home during the pandemic. The actor lives in Byron Bay, Australia, with his model wife Elsa Pataky and their three children daughter India Rose, eight, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan, seven. 

His movie “Extraction”, released last year became the biggest movie premiere ever with 90 million households watching in the first four weeks of release.